Blue Gray Estates (cottages) - A gated enclave located across Islands Causeway from Secession Golf Club, Blue Gray Estates is a place where members have built cottages, most of which are available for rental to other Secession members and their guests. Saltwater marshlands, the intracoastal waterway and a large freshwater lagoon border the property offering beautiful views, particularly at sunset. Situated in the core of the forty-plus lot estate is a golf practice area complete with a large green and bunkers. The cottages are different in terms of their size, configuration and amenities. There are single rooms available with private bath and there are cottages with as many as eight bedrooms and eight baths.

Clubhouse Rooms – Secession is a true “national golf club” with a very restricted number of local members. In order to accommodate the out of town members, Secession has a dozen rooms on the second floor of the Clubhouse. These rooms accommodate males only and have shared bathroom facilities.

Airport Transfers – Secession can arrange for transportation to/from Hilton Head, Savannah or Charleston airports at a fixed rate.